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It is often said, Preparation precedes success. Fundamentally, we all know how much we have to prepare to get our drivers’ license, school diplomas, and even to get married. However, while it is true that most of us do not plan to fail, it is evident that at times some of us fail to plan well for our education, career, marriage and business due to wrong choices or attitude.

Surprisingly, it appears that the most area of neglect is the salvation of our souls. Some of us are too busy with our jobs, studies, families and pleasures that we have put any plan of worshipping our creator God into the back seat. We often forget that our God longs to relate with us in a more personal and intimate way. This is because He is a loving God that is so concerned with every detail of our lives, and anything that matters to us matters to God as well. Thus, God is willing to help us with all the challenges and battles in our life if we can only acknowledge His sovereignty and divine plans for our present and future life.

As far as planning for our eternal life is concerned, God has made a wonderful provision for us through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our rebellion against God, and He was raised on the third day by the power of God for our freedom, peace and hope. Basically, God’s salvation package includes our peace, deliverance, healing, restoration, hope, joy and blessing.

Are any of these missing? Then you must be ready to accept God’s first class plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. Actually, any other plan of salvation apart from Jesus Christ is futile, inadequate, fruitless and unnecessary. Please accept God’s best and final plan of salvation for your life today by inviting Jesus Christ into your heart as Lord and Savior. Certainly, your entire life will never be the same forever. Please say YES to this wonderful plan today (please read these Biblical references: Matthew 11:28-30; John 14:6,27).



    Pastor’s Corner

    I joyfully welcome you into January, which is the first month of the Year 2023, which is God’s Year for our Divine Double Preservation (Zechariah 2: 8). Undoubtedly, the year 2022 was an amazing and glorious Year in our church and families. Now prophetically, in this New Month of the Year 2023, which is the Month of our Divine Solid-Rock Foundation, the God of Hope will settle down our destiny. We all know that a solid foundation is very important in everything. Especially, for a building, a solid foundation is that on which a building is built; the first layer of a structure that provides a stable base for the superstructure. Basically, according to Architecture, a building cannot be taller than the foundation is designed to support, without becoming a serious hazard to lives and property. In this world we can be like these two totally different foundations:
    The great Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was given the challenge of building the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, one of the most earthquake-prone cities in the world. Wright’s investigation showed that a solid foundation could be “floated” on a sixty-foot layer of soft mud underlying the hotel, which would provide a shock-absorbing but solid support for the immense building. Shortly after the hotel was completed it withstood the worst earthquake in fifty-two years, while lesser buildings fell in ruins around it. (Today in the Word, March 1989, p. 6.)
    The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy is going to fall. Scientists travel yearly to measure the building’s slow descent. They report that the 179-foot tower moves about one-twentieth of an inch a year, and is now 17 feet out of plumb. They further estimate that by the year 2007 the 810-year old tower will have leaned too far and will collapse onto the nearby ristorante, where scientists now gather to discuss their findings. Quite significantly, the word “pisa” means “marshy land,” which gives some clue as to why the tower began to lean even before it was completed. Also–its foundation is only 10 feet deep! Building like Frank Lloyd Wright is what building on the teachings of Jesus is like. We are building on Him and His word and not some made up version of Jesus.
    When we build on a made-up version of Jesus or twist His words to be what we want them to be, that foundation will crumble. It will not stand and it will not hold. All who have built on an insecure and unstable foundation will come to ruin. We see this all over. Many old houses and barns are in ruins now because they did not have a sure foundation. Hearing and reading God’s Word is absolutely essential. But if you stop there, disaster will result. The Bible wasn’t meant to be merely studied and memorized; it was meant to be believed and obeyed. (Evans, Tony, The Tony Evans Bible Commentary, B&H Publishing Group, 1237).
    Please as we begin the New Year 2023, let us build everything on Christ alone and not just on shaky earthly emotions, sensationalism, consumerism, philosophies, wisdom, certain teachers or leaders, or political movements. This is the only way to have a secured and Solid-Rock Foundation that will be storm proof and time tested and last for eternity. Welcome to the first month and the New Year and get ready to get settled and established in the land (Amen and Shalom)

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    Voice Of Hope Vol. 121 – January 2023 

    Monthly Prophetic Prayer Power-Points

      1. Today I declare that I will base the foundation of my life on the Solid-Rock of Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2: 19)
      2. In the Name of Jesus Christ I decree that the word of God will be my sure foundation at all times (Matthew 7: 24)
      3. Today I declare that my destiny is based on the agape love of God and not on the negative fear of mankind (1 John 4: 18)
      4. In the Name of Jesus Christ I am anchored by the solid-rock foundation of the power of God (Ephesians 3: 20)
      5. Today I declare that the Holy Spirit will destroy every evil foundational problem in my life and family (Mark 11: 20-24)
      6. In the Name of Jesus Christ my destiny purpose is based on the living hope foundation of God (Psalm 87:1)
      7. Today I anchor my destiny on the sure foundation of His sure mercies (Isaiah 55: 3)


  • Hope Mail – One Hundred-One

    Dear Beloved: Another day is here and we have every reason to thank God for His sustaining grace/power throughout previous days. I trust in the help of the Most High for you, because His word declares that” He will help you and you shall not be confounded” – (Isaiah 50:7). Let us rejoice and thank God for His faithfulness over us in the days gone by. Shalom! Dr. Lawrence A. Lasisi

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