Hope Mail – Seventy-Two

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Dear Beloved: Psalms 89:34 says ” My covenant will I not break nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips” God wants you to enjoy His full covenant blessings because you are in covenant relationship with the Ancient of Days and these blessings are yours by right. Since the beginning of this year, there is no doubt in my heart that the Ancient of Days has shown Himself strong on your behalf. All that God did for you in this year shall be forever IN JESUS NAME! God will fight for you while you hold your peace. Your cry for mercy will not be denied IN JESUS NAME! Let us continue to seek the face of God together as He rains His blessings upon us. Expect your middle of the year miracles IN JESUS NAME! Have a glorious day.God bless you richly. Shalom! Dr. Lawrence A. Lasisi