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It is often said, Preparation precedes success. Fundamentally, we all know how much we have to prepare to get our drivers’ license, school diplomas, and even to get married. However, while it is true that most of us do not plan to fail, it is evident that at times some of us fail to plan well for our education, career, marriage and business due to wrong choices or attitude.

Surprisingly, it appears that the most area of neglect is the salvation of our souls. Some of us are too busy with our jobs, studies, families and pleasures that we have put any plan of worshipping our creator God into the back seat. We often forget that our God longs to relate with us in a more personal and intimate way. This is because He is a loving God that is so concerned with every detail of our lives, and anything that matters to us matters to God as well. Thus, God is willing to help us with all the challenges and battles in our life if we can only acknowledge His sovereignty and divine plans for our present and future life.

As far as planning for our eternal life is concerned, God has made a wonderful provision for us through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our rebellion against God, and He was raised on the third day by the power of God for our freedom, peace and hope. Basically, God’s salvation package includes our peace, deliverance, healing, restoration, hope, joy and blessing.

Are any of these missing? Then you must be ready to accept God’s first class plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. Actually, any other plan of salvation apart from Jesus Christ is futile, inadequate, fruitless and unnecessary. Please accept God’s best and final plan of salvation for your life today by inviting Jesus Christ into your heart as Lord and Savior. Certainly, your entire life will never be the same forever. Please say YES to this wonderful plan today (please read these Biblical references: Matthew 11:28-30; John 14:6,27).



    Pastor’s Corner

    I gladly welcome you afresh into middle of the New Year 2024, which is God’s Year for our Divine Healthy Relationships. Wonderfully, this month of June is our Month our Divine Fresh Living Water. Undoubtedly, all of us know the importance of natural water in our lives. For instance, good water helps us to eat and live healthier because it breaks down and distributes some essential minerals and nutrients into the human body. It also keeps us from dehydration and helps our cardiovascular system healthy. However, the fresh living water of God does much more.

    According to Saint Augustine of old, “Water issuing from a spring is what is commonly called living water. Water collected from rain in pools and cisterns is not called living water. It may have originally flowed from a spring; yet if it is collected in some place and is left to stand without any connection to its source, separated, as it were, from the channel of the spring. It is not called “living water.” Water is designated as “living” when it is taken as it flows…” I pray that we will stay connected to God, the only Source of the fresh living water so that every spiritual dryness, staleness, drought, boredom and stagnancy in our life will disappear today in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ (Amen)


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    The Voice of Hope-Vol-138- June 2024

    Monthly Prophetic Prayer Power-Points

    1. I declare that the fresh living water of joy unspeakable will flow from my life (Isaiah 12: 1-3)
    2. Today I proclaim that the fresh living water will invade every wilderness of my life (Isaiah 43: 20)
    3. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, I choose to increase my thirst for the fresh living water (Isaiah 44: 3)
    4. In the name of Jesus Christ, I reject every wastage and I saturate my life with the blessings of the fresh living water (Isaiah 55: 1-3)
    5. Today I decree that the fresh living water will overflow into every area of my destiny (Ezekiel 47: 1-9)
    6. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command my soul to long after the fresh living water (Psalm 42: 1-3)
    7. Today I receive the fresh living water for rest, restoration and satisfaction from every life’s frustration and challenge (John 4: 10-15)


    “A deep desire for God, which Scripture often compares to hunger or thirst. Only Jesus Christ can truly satisfy this longing for God.” (Manser, 2009)

  • Hope Mail – One Hundred-One

    Dear Beloved: Another day is here and we have every reason to thank God for His sustaining grace/power throughout previous days. I trust in the help of the Most High for you, because His word declares that” He will help you and you shall not be confounded” – (Isaiah 50:7). Let us rejoice and thank God for His faithfulness over us in the days gone by. Shalom! Dr. Lawrence A. Lasisi

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