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Pastor’s Corner

I boldly welcome you into the last month of 2017, the Year of our Great Awakening. The God of Hope has been so wonderful with us this year. And He has once again declared this December to be Month of our Divine Upset—A Surprise Victory. In sports an upset happens when an underrated team comes from behind to win over an overrated team. It is always a period of an unexpected joy, blessing, victory and promotion. As we round up this year 2017 the God of Hope will give you an upset over every situation upsetting your life and family (Amen).

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Monthly Prophetic Prayer Power-Points

  1. In the Name of Jesus Christ I declare last minute upset over every Pharaoh of my life (Exodus 7: 1)
  2. Today I pray that God will give me a surprise blessing over the lack of my life (Philippians 4: 19)
  3. In the Name of Jesus Christ I declare a surprise victory over every long standing battle in my family tree line (2 Samuel 3: 1)
  4. Today I claim a surprise joy over every sadness in my life and home (Philippians 4: 4)
  5. In the Name of Jesus Christ I receive a surprise healing against every seed of sickness in my body (Luke 5: 17)
  6. Today I pray a surprise restoration over everything the devil has stolen in my life (John 10: 10)
  7. In the Name of Jesus Christ I decree a surprise favor over every rejection of my life (Ephesians 1: 6)


“Today may the God of Hope give me an upset over every upsetting situation in my life.” Amen


Oswald Chambers observes, “God’s method always seems to be vision first, and then reality, but in between the vision and the reality there is often a deep valley of humiliation. How often has a faithful soul been plunged into a like darkness when after the vision comes the test. When God gives a vision and darkness follows, waiting on God will bring you into accordance with the vision He has given if you await His timing. Otherwise, you try to do away with the supernatural in God’s undertakings. Never try to help God fulfill His word.