January 2016 – Month of Divine Orders

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Pastor’s Corner

I passionately welcome you into the New Year 2016, God’s Year for Our LIMITLESS GRACE. First and foremost, let us thank God for seeing us through the ups and downs of the last year 2015. Yes, against all odds, by His Grace we are still standing even when others are falling left and right. This is due to nothing but by the grace and mercy of our able and loving Heavenly Father. Amazingly, God has promised that in 2016 we are not only going to stand out but we shall be outstanding in every area of our life due to His special Grace upon us. I would like us to get ready in the first Month of January to seek the face of God so that we can discover the divine roadmaps and directions. May the good Lord open our spiritual eyes so as to see the best God has in His heavenly storage for each one of us in the Name of Jesus Christ (Psalm 119: 18). May we be free from every spirit of confusion, doubt and fear so as to boldly step into the great favor and mercy ahead of us. Surely, this is going to be a great year, and the limitless Grace of God will remove and revoke your limitations and stagnations in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Monthly Prophetic Prayer Power-Points

  1. May the God of Grace lead my steps into my great open doors so that I can be free from a life of limitation and confinement (Genesis 12: 1-4)
  2. Today I petition the heaven to release my angels to usher me in into my green pastures in order to become a wonder instead of becoming a wanderer in the jungle of life (Psalm 23: 2-3)
  3. Today I confess that the devil will not break me down because by His Grace the door of my breakthroughs are opened already (Isaiah 42: 16)
  4. In the name of Jesus Christ I permit the Holy Spirit to lead me to favorable door of accomplishments and productivity (Isaiah 48: 17)
  5. Today I claim a total restoration from every past destiny setback and stagnation (Isaiah 58: 11)
  6. In the name of Jesus Christ I step into my gracious and spacious doors of uncommon victory and promotion (2 Chronicles 32: 22)
  7. Today I reject and close down every unfavorable door of trouble, fear, worry, failure, sickness, accident, sudden death and setback in the name of Jesus Christ (Psalm 24)

CONCLUSION: Someone has wisely said that “when God orders the course of your life, then failures are never final.”


“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, that is, they are established by the Lord on a foundation that is the Rock—and the Rock is Christ.”
– J Vernon McGee