January 2017 – Month of Divine Dreams and Visions

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Pastor’s Corner

I welcome you into the New Year 2017, which is God’s Year for Our Great Awakening. The good Lord will bring to life everything dead in every area of our life in this New Year. I also praise God for the New Month of January, which is God’s Month of our Divine dreams and Visions. God is a visionary God and He delights His own children to Dream Big in life. What is a dream or a vision? The word “vision” comes from the Latin word “revelato,” meaning, “to see.” Also, in the Greek language, vision is from the word “apokalyptos,” meaning, “to disclose,” or “to uncover” what is hidden. In a nutshell, a dream is a clear mental and spiritual picture of God’s plans and purposes for our lives. Good visions that bring blessings to the humanity are from God, while bad dreams that hurt the human progress originated from the devil. Someone has rightly said that “a poor person is not a person without money, but rather it is a person without a dream or vision in life.” It is my prayer that God will open our eyes in this new month of the New Year to see the best He has in store for us. So get ready to DREAM BIG FOR YOUR GOD IS A BIG GOD! YES, YOU CAN DO IT!

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Monthly Prophetic Prayer Power-Points

1. Today I pray the God will open the eyes of my understanding to see His best plans for my life (Ephesians 1: 15-23)
2. In the Name of Jesus Christ I lift up my eyes from every limitation to see the best God has in store for my life (Genesis 13: 14-18)
3. Today I reject every spirit of worry and anxiety that is keeping me from seeing God’s provisions for the journey of my life (Genesis 21: 14-21)
4. In the Name of Jesus Christ I receive a revelational insight to confront every spiritual battle of my destiny (2 Kings 6: 13-17)
5. Today I pray for the restoration of every lost and dead dream and vision of my life (Ezekiel 37: 1-14)
6. In the Name of Jesus Christ I pray for the grace to be focused and I come against every distraction to my dream and destiny (Luke 10: 38-42)
7. Today I receive the fresh anointing and the revelational insight to maximize God’s plans and purposes for my life (Jeremiah 33: 1-3; Revelation 3: 18)

CONCLUSION: “If have seeing further it is by standing on the shoulders of the giants.” (Isaac Newton, 1675).