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Pastor’s Corner

I joyfully welcome you into the new Month of November 2020, which is the second to the last month of the year. Indeed, our God of Hope has been awesome despite all the challenges in our world. In this new month our God has promised to complete every great and good work He has started in our lives. God will not abandon us in the middle of any situation for He is not a man that He should lie. So let us get ready to approach the throne of grace and mercy to receive a total miracle package today (Amen)

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Voice of Hope – November 2020 Vol. 95

Monthly Prophetic Prayer Power-Points

    1. Today I declare that I will wait on the Lord to complete His miracles in my life (Isaiah 30: 18)
    2. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I receive a total restoration from the Lord (Jeremiah 31: 6)
    3. Today I receive a complete mercy and blessings (Luke 1: 45)
    4. In the name of Jesus Christ, I decree that my miracles will not be aborted (Philippians 1: 6)
    5. Today I pray that my God will perform all His miracles in my life (Psalm 57: 2)
    6. In the name of Jesus Christ all the promises of God shall come to pass in my life ( 2 Corinthians 1: 20)
    7. Today I pray that I will not seek God in vain and hopelessness (Isaiah 45: 18-19)

CONCLUSION: “Remember me, Lord, when you show favor to your people; come near and rescue me.” (Psalm 106: 4) (NLT)