October 2016 – Month of Divine Destiny Recovery

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Pastor’s Corner

I boldly welcome you into the new month of October, which is our God’s month of Divine Destiny Discovery. It is God who determines our destiny but we only discover the destiny in partnership with God and His creations. I am always amazed by this wonderful story: When Napoleon’s horse ran away and a lowly soldier caught him, Napoleon said, “Thank you, Captain.” The man at once packed his belongings, moved to the officers’ quarters, and went to mess with them. The emperor had called him captain, and he was therefore an officer.

We are all miserable sinners, but when we receive Jesus Christ, He calls us sons of God (John 1:12). Let us then promptly pack our belongings and move into the higher life to which He has appointed us! (Gospel Herald). Similarly, has created you for the purpose of solving world’s problems and not to become another world’s problems. Today, may you discover and step into your life’s divine destiny and purpose against all odds. Amen.

Click here for the Voice of Hope Vol 47 – October 2016

Monthly Prophetic Prayer Power-Points

1. Today I declare that I will discover the purpose of God for my life (Psalm 16: 5-6)
2. In the Name of Jesus Christ I declare that I will not miss the purpose of God for my life (Luke 7: 30-31)
3. Today I declare that all the trials and challenges of my life will work toward God’s supreme purpose for my life (Romans 8: 28-30)
4. In the name of Jesus Christ I will fulfill every purpose of God for my generation (Acts 13: 36)
5. Today I receive the uncommon wisdom of God to be an asset and not a liability to my generation (Proverbs 8: 12)
6. In the name of Jesus Christ I receive the anointing for diligence and creativity to make me outstanding and standout in my professional and career callings (Proverbs 22: 29)
7. Today I declare that my life’s purpose and destiny will not be sabotaged and derailed by the devil and his allies (Luke 10: 19)

CONCLUSION: In the Dictionary of Bible Themes: courage is giving someone confidence to do something. In fact, the Scripture encourages believers to trust in God and to rely on the enabling of the Holy Spirit in order to make a kingdom difference inside and outside the church.


Who Is Interested In You?

Business is interested in you as a consumer.
Banks are interested in you as an investor.
Politicians are interested in you as a voter.
Researchers are interested in you as a statistic.
Doctors are interested in you as a patient.
Lawyers are interested in you as a client.
Organizations are interested in you as a member.
But God is interested in you as a person, made in His image, His precious child whom He loves.