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Pastor’s Corner

I gratefully welcome you into the month of November, which is our month of Divine gratitude and praise. The word of God declares that it is good and wholesome to give thanks unto God regardless of what is happening around us (Psalm 92: 1). Fundamentally, no other aspect of prayer is more crucial than praise and thanksgiving. The heart of thanksgiving should be an attitude for all seasons: either in the good, great, hard and rough times. God is always in control, and He is able to make beauty out of our ashes as long as He is worshipped with a heart of gratitude amid the challenges of life. I pray for you to get rid of every spirit of bitterness, complaint and murmuring so as to access the throne of praise and thanksgiving today. Amen.

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Monthly Prophetic Prayer Power-Points

  1. Today I give thanks to the Lord for He is in my life (Psalm 97: 12; 100: 3-4; 105: 1- 3)
  2. In the Name of Jesus Christ I thank God today for all His mercies and loving- kindness over my life (Psalm 107: 8, 15, 21, 31)
  3. Today I give the adoration to God for His wonderful salvation plan through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Luke 3: 38; 2 Cor. 9: 15; Hebrews 12: 28)
  4. In the Name of Jesus Christ I praise God for all wonderful provisions for my life and family (Mark 14: 22; Acts 27: 35)
  5. Today I thank God for watching over His wonderful promises over my life and family (Psalm 116: 12-19)
  6. In the Name of Jesus Christ I praise God for the grace and covenant of God over all the families and friends of Springs of Hope worldwide (Ephesians 1: 16; Philippians 1: 3; 2 Thessalonians 1: 3)
  7. Today I thank God for keeping me alive and well against all the odds (Psalm 150; Isaiah 38: 18-19).

CONCLUSION: Notably, an unthankful spirit is in the category of some of the worst sins in the Bible (Luke 6: 35; 2 Timothy 3: 2)